familiar with NBA students know, true center is harmonic fans of the green army guard Lang said, because the body is controlled Wei Lang much from time to time will play some rebound double "center stage" data. in the season has ended in five games, Lang "true" center field were rob 8.0 rebounds, the team ranked second, after the team the first big striker SA Lin Jie (8.4 per game), but Rondo is not this season the most frenzied "center", the Hornets Stephenson in brush rebounding will already behind it. in and after the Lakers grab 10 Retro jordans for sale rebounds, Lance Stephenson seven games total grab 73 boards, 10.4 per game ranked ninth League. At the same time, he is also currently rebounds in the top 20 players in the only defender. there is no doubt, lance is a hard-working player, although temporarily not into the Hornets' offense (averaging only 8 points, hit rate of 30.6%), but he is very good will devote themselves to the defense and rebounding, in the past seven games, Lance 4 rebounds double, single field minimum rebound is as high as 7. in fact, as early as last season, La cheap jordans for sale mens nce has demonstrated his relative height (1.98 meters) of the outstanding ability to rebound, last year, Lance field are able to grab 7.2 rebounds, is the number one person on foot. Stephenson rebounds often soar, he often rebounds gualing mate Hibbert face natural hang not to live, but people think that high lance rebounding enthusiasm (say bluntly is on data madness) "sucked" the some of the Hibbert rebounds, so it is difficult to blame Hibbert last season was not criticized someone on the team was too selfish. to bring the topic back cheap foamposites to the true center"...... In addition to the Rondo and Stephenson, this season's "true center" also includes the Bucks guard Brandon knight, in the past eight games, Knight field can grab 6.5 rebounds, which three times become team in rebounding. of course, taking into account the knight as trainer of the year is among the highest in the history of the NBA defender rebounds crazy Kidd, Knight of the backboard soared high it is not surprising that the, in fact, in Kidd's tune. This season Knight data is averaging 17.6 points and 6.5 rebou cheap jordan shoes for men nds 7.3 assists and 1.4 steals, and shot 43 percent from 3-point range 45.5% -- in addition to score all career highs. in addition, already from everyone in sight disappeared for a long time Tyreke Evans also in early season game show "true center" style, rebounds per game as high as 7.8, worth mentioning is, he this data is eyebrows brother and Asik two rebounds in the crazy side get, full gold content. another let person accident "center" is the warriors of Stephen curry, the curry rebounds per game up to 6.3 times, second only to the Cheap air jordans for sale two first inside green and Andrew Bogut. In the 6 game has ended, a total of two rebounds double curitiba. we not only have the news, we are about the ball artifact, 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Midday Micro Comments] footwear market size of things, shoes, editor micro comment, from a unique point of view to resolve the mystery behind the hot events. The depth of mining valuable information resources, to share interesting tidbits of information, the daily midday Chinese shoes Network will charm you are a news Retro jordans for sale channel most fresh and tasty feast. Today's Highlights: If the Asian Cup in January next year, the Chinese national team jersey is no longer wearing Adidas, then you must not be surprised. China Team sponsorship agreement between Adidas will expire in December this year, so far, two of the progress of contract talks did not go well, or even close to collapse. If not next month, Adidas will not improve their offer, next year will be the first Chinese national team to wear other brands of clothing campaign of international competition. cheap jordans for sale Key Tip: Chinese team with Adidas for 30 years faced emotional break Edit Comment: [Adidas or Nike Chinese team helpless choice] Chinese soccer team with Adidas for 30 years is a "pearl wedding" feelings in the face of real interest seems to come to an end, who mentioned breaking up, injured another Who is? If the Adidas and likened the Chinese team a couple, although after 30 years of ups and downs but also considered woe. However, the scars cause emotional breakdown appeared in 2011, the Chinese Football Association despite object Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ions Adidas chicken coaching change before the World Cup 20 finals open play, a direct result of the Chinese team ahead of the game, this is the best chance for losing branding Adidas. 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