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Mauritius is an island nation located on the east coast of Africa. It is among the top 5 places in the world where couples opt to spend their honeymoon.

It is widely known for its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, lagoons bordered by sparkling Silver Island, underwater life and exotic wildlife. Mauritius has plenty for everyone with historical sights and rich culture. Adventures such as beach hopping, diving, snorkeling, shopping or relaxing in a resort or at a spa, it is truly a land of opportunities for travellers.

The capital city of Port Louis is one of the richest cities and has all the rush of a big city. Additionally if you are looking for serene beaches and a peaceful get away there are cool islands towards the coast of Mauritius. It is also known for its exotic wildlife and supreme natural beauty. Mauritius is the answer to a perfect peaceful and lavish holiday.

Major Attractions

  • Leh Shanti Stupa
    Chamarel Coloured Earth

    A major tourist spot which is located in the south western region of the country. It is a unique and a must visit destination for travelers from around the world. The seven coloured layers of sand infatuate and charms people.

  • Nubra Valley
    La Cauvette Beach

    Located near the town of Grand Baie, it is a hidden gem and only known to locals and few tourists. The beauty of the beach is signified by the soothing sea breeze and a grassy patch where you can enjoy playing football.

  • Rafting
    Maha Shivaratree

    It is held annually in the month of February/ March and is celebrated by the Hindu community to honor Lord Shiva. The festival is highly significant in the beauty of Mauritius.

  • Sangam Valley
    Casela Nature Park

    The Park is spread over an area of 14 hectares. The park is home to various animals, birds, reptiles, monkeys and giant turtle’s. There are also various adventure sports you can venture for other than interacting with animals. The Nature Park provides a fascinating experience.

  • Leh Palace
    Grand Basin

    The Grand basin, also known as the Ganga Talao is a natural lake with an extinct volcano crater. Mythological stories suggest that the water in the basin is said to be sourced from the sacred Ganga River in India. It also has the second largest statue of Lord Shiva. It is considered auspicious if you take a dip in the river during the Shivratri Festival.

  • Rafting
    Ile Aux Aigrettes Island

    One of the most popular tourist locations in Mauritius is surrounded by speechless beauty. The island is made up of coal limestone and remains a popular tourist attraction in Mauritius. Apart from the glamorous views which the island provides, it is also home to the beautiful Pink Pigeon. It is a natural museum in itself and is declared as a natural reserve.

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