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Rajasthan is glorified for its historical forts, palaces art and culture. It is appealing to both international as well as domestic tourists. The land of colors has something royal to greet you in every city. The Arravali’s glorify the beauty of Rajasthan as its backdrop. Rajasthan offers basically varied beauty of exquisite handicrafts, old age temples, and beautiful palaces with their intricate detailing.

Rajasthan is bliss for food lovers. You can enjoy mouthwatering delicacies with warm hospitality and enjoy the taste of Rajasthani food. Any city you visit in Rajasthan the local markets are ample to shop from admirable handicrafts, colorful bangles and traditional clothing. Hotels across Rajasthan, are old palaces which make your stay remarkably a royal on to remember for.

The towering forts and age old temples in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer are demonstration of Rajasthan’s glorious past. Rajasthan with its lavish atmosphere and diversity is the ideal place to create memories.

Major Attractions

  • Nubra Valley

    Bikaner is home to the famous camel festival where travellers from around the world witness the gentle animal in action. Rajasthani delicacies are one not to miss out for. You need to visit the famous Karni Mata Temple (Rat Temple) in Deshnok where rats are considered holy.

  • Rafting

    Exploring Rajasthan is never complete without travelling to the rich cultural heritage of Jodhpur. Village safaris are most recommended when visiting Jodhpur. If you are looking for either adventure or just a get-away, Jodhpur is the perfect destination.

  • Leh Shanti Stupa

    Jaisalmer, known as the golden city is the land of regal forts, extravagant palaces, and majestic haveli’s. It is surrounded by the Thar Desert or the Great Indian Desert. The best way to explore the city is to take up the camel safari. You can also relish local delicacies in Jaisalmer which are surely one not to miss out for.

  • Leh Palace

    Udaipur is also known as the ‘Venice of the East’ which is one of the most romantic and admirable places in India. It being a culturally and historically rich city it is also one of the famous wedding destinations. Glorious palaces, Haveli’s, beautiful temples, art galleries, museums and lakes make it not only a popular destination for domestic tourists but also make it an internationally popular destination. Udaipur looks like a scenic mirage.

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The tour concludes bestowing upon you the memories of a lifetime you would cherish forever.


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